Vacanzattiva Journal is the magazine online of the Vacanzattiva! network quality brand.




It is the brand of quality who connects experts of the active tourism with the domestic and international market, thanks to its web platforms for the information (Vacanzattiva Journal), the tourism (Vacanzattiva Guide) and the commerce (Vacanzattiva Tour) of active experiences in Italy.


The brand of quality creates market through the dialog among the traveler who loves sustainable sports and specialized operators of services, opportunities and information.


Vacanzattiva! uses innovative techniques of network and system, allowing micro and small companies to enlarge targets of market through the research of clients who choose the free time and the holiday depending on WHAT they want to do, before choosing WHERE they want to go.  


Therefore, it is an innovative kind of marketing who allows companies to point on the international market with their features of territorial excellences, with low cost and time, and that increases the visibility of these realities.   




- The network of tutors and specialists of activity organizes and selects the best itineraries, to live a travel experience discovering the beauty of the territory and excellence of wine and food with an outdoor approach.

- Our network of local partners, companies and experts of welcome, catering, local DOP and IGP products and services are the heart of the touristic product of destination.

- The network of Tour Operator organizes the touristic product and packages to offer to the traveler an experience of sustainable tourism, always with the best tradition and hospitality.

- Our editorial staff writes about passions and offers suggestions of a travel story through the sport, eco-sustainable tourism and life styles.


You can find all of it on our web platforms:


…the trip always starts from a dream!