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Glamping: outdoor becomes glamour

The new trend of open air holidays: a stay in a camping full of comfort. Beyond fashion, it is the sign of a sector that this year is growing and it is stimulating vacationers.

Pamela Pucci

Glamping: outdoor becomes glamour

Does anyone love nature but do not want to give up the conveniences? Does anyone like the idea of living "en plein air" but horrify thinking about the bivouac or the line to brush the teeth? The solution is Glamping, mix of glamour and camping, ecology and luxury at affordable costs. Let’s say, a return to nomadic life but in a ‘chic’ version, with comfortable beds, heating or air conditioning, private bath and bubbly in the fridge.

So far the uncompromising eco-tourist have traveled in caravans and slept in tents, now there are new possibilities for those who dream the outdoor but do not like slipping into a sleeping bag.

They are many proposals in 80 countries worldwide, with accommodations often creative, surrounded by forests and jungles, parks, ice or, surprisingly, very close to capitals and art cities, like Venice.

In Italy the choice ranges from the design tents, which look and feel like home in the shade of the trees, to the campsites equipped as five-star hotels. Even the transparent igloos with a view of the Alps, houses on the trees or restored fashion barns.

Abroad the choice ranges from the American wagons (which from staff’s houses become picturesque holiday houses) to colorful gypsy caravans refurbished with care.

For "techno-vacationers" there are the Domes, revolutionary dome-shaped buildings, built with wood, iron, steel and high-strength PVC fabric. For "radical" environmentalists the Eco-pod, housing made of natural and recycled materials. And yet the Huts, or refuges, that remind the bungalows but built with different materials, from straw to ice up the palm leaves. The only limit: the season. Even the African tents can become "fashion", if furnished with every comfort inside.

Beside the housing, you have the outdoor’s views, the immersion in nature, the quiet and the chance to hike, bike and sail. In short, a "green" adventure but with everything you need. The evolution of camping for those who love the eco-friendly holiday but want to stay away from the costs of a luxury hotel.


A metamorphosis that aims to provide quality hospitality services, and it is a clear evidence of the sector’s health. This year there is a positive sign, with an estimated increase of 2%.

According to the association Faita - FederCamping that records the flows through the regional network, at the end of 2015 the arrivals will be 9.5 million (in 2014, 9.2 million) distributed in 2,650 Italian campsites and tourist villages, for a total of 68 million visitors (66 million in 2014). The increase is more marked as regards foreigners , however the internal tourism marks + 1.4%.

In total, the turnover of the "open air" industry will be around 4 billion Euros, increasing compared to last year.

As evidence of the effectiveness of new trends, is confirmed the research of bungalows and mobile homes (50% of the attendance) along with the growth of guests with campers and caravans (35%). But people who stay in tents are decreasing (15% attendance).

The proposal of new types of mobile homes, along with the spread of the Internet as a tool for information and reservations, has therefore favored the increase of foreign tourists coming especially from Northern European countries (especially from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands), then from Eastern Europe.

Who wants to reach the top of camping, should just surf the Net to find a great online selection with dedicated websites.