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Lands of Siena, riding a horse

In Siena you can discover beautiful landscapes riding a horse as true knights. The territory is full of paths specifically made for tourists of every age and ability who want to go make a tour through the wonderful Tuscany


Lands of Siena, riding a horse
Horse riding tourism in the Lands of Siena

Visiting and “living” the Lands of Siena riding a horse. From Val d’Elsa to Chianti, from Val di Merse to Crete, from Val d’Orcia to Val di Chiana, going through Amiata and Siena: this is possible thanks to the horse trails that pass through a unique landscape, made of dirt roads, isolated cypresses and charming "waves of clay".

It's a tourism on a human scale and "aware", the one of those who have chosen the horse as their own means of transport and travel; but it is also becoming an increasingly important phenomenon in terms of numbers and economic, as according to the latest data, the horse riding tourism involves about one and a half million riders in Italy and more than 33 million in Europe.

You can visit the Lands of Siena riding a horse or with guided tours and day trips - with the "daisy" formula, a loop routes with start and finish in the same point, ideal for families and not too expert knights – and with longer itineraries in stages, for examples the Via Francigena, that goes through the Province of Siena from San Giminiamo in Ridicofani for 120 kilometers.

Some paths in line and some tool ones, around Siena, twist making the tourist live the different souls of an extraordinary territory, crossing it and living it slowly.

So here in a few stages you can go through woods, secrets, noble vineyards and ancient churches of Chianti, or walk in the shadow of the towers of the upper Val d'Elsa; breathing the fragrance of the wild Val d'Orcia, plunging into the red color of Montalcino from Val di Merse to the confluence of the rivers Orcia and Asso, up the slopes of the Amiata. Going in the heart of the Crete Senesi, or on the ridges of Siena to the Rocca di Ghino di Tacco (Radicofani), "trotting" a few meters from the winding roads that everyone envies.

You can do all of that riding a horse, animal who always has a unique bond with the territory of Siena. well demonstrated by the manifestations, rides, races and events (Palio di Siena) that see the horse as the protagonist during the year.