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Like the pioneers in black and white…

Here are the rides for lovers of the old cycling. Bikes and ancient uniforms, dusty trails, refreshments with salami and wine. L’Eroica made school and the schedule is very full.


Like the pioneers in black and white…
White roads and “heroic” meetings

Last cycle-tourism events of the year for anyone who loves the pioneers era. With uniforms and bikes found in old trunks and cellars, here are the appointments to don’t lose if you want to live the magic of a bike ride in the time, on dusty trails, in memory of champions in black and white that made Italy dreaming after the World War II.

Let’s prepare your bike and write it on your agenda.


The 1st of October will start the Milan-Turin and it will be like jumping in the last century. It is the oldest classic ride of the Italian cycling and it will be celebrated from a group of cycle-tourists that will open the street to the champions of today.

The start for them is from Crescentino (close to Vicenza) and the professionals will start from Settimo Milanese; the arrival is on top of the hill of Superga (Turin) after a flat route of 50 kilometers, to do with bicycles and clothing from the '30s.

The 5th of October arrives the mother of all historical meetings: L’Eroica. There are four trails of 38, 75, 135 and 205 kilometers made of white roads for each leg and...tire, with more than 5,000 participants coming in Gaiole in Chianti. The festival will start on Wednesday 1st of October with the highlight on Sunday when during the sunrise the first “heroics” will start the competition.

For those who lost the Tuscan cycle-touristic event and want to live alternative emotions, the 5th of October will start the Giro di Lombardia, another classic ride in the heart of the cycle-nostalgics. The ride of the dead leaves will be celebrated with a ride of 50 km starting from Como and ending in Bergamo, in order to witness the arrival of the 108 ° Giro di Lombardia of the professionals (info, tel. 329.207190).

Double appointment the 12th of October with the Epica - Sulle tracce di Annibale, held in san Nicolò in Piacenza and with the Ciclostorica delle Foglie Morte starting from Cardano al Campo, close to Varese.

There are other two events for the next Sunday, the 19th of October with L’intrepida starting from Anghiari (Arezzo) and La Lacustre in Marone, along the banks of Brescia and Bergamo of the Iseo lake.

The year will close with La Gardesana scheduled the 26th of October in Malcesine (close to Verona). The trails are two, from 40 to 60 kilometers with view the lake of Garda. For those who already completed “La Lacustre”, with this cycle-touristic race they will be able to get the Brevetto dei due Laghi – License of the two Lakes -.

From November, if you want to take your old bike and dream adventures of other times there are vintage meetings of the next year. Starting from spring you will be able to have fun on the ancient  white roads, in great company.   


Here’s the temporary calendar. It will be updated when the organizers will decide the details of the new editions.



L’etrusca - Cecina (Li) - Tuscany; www.letruscaciclostorica.it

La Storica - Pietra Ligure (Sv) - Liguria; www.lastorica.it 


L’eroica Sud - Buonconvento (Si) - Tuscany; www.eroica.it/eroicasud

La Campionissima - Molare (Al) - Piemonte; www.lacampionissima.it 

La Medicea - Prato (Po) - Tuscany, www.bisenzia.it


La Ottavio Bottecchia - (close to Treviso) - Veneto; www.laottaviobottecchia.it

La Canavesana - Albiano d’Ivrea (To) Piemonte; www.lacanavesanadepoca.it

La Polverosa - Monticelli Terme (Pr) - Emilia Romagna; www.lapolverosa.eu

La Mitica - Castellania (Al) - Piemonte; www.lamitica.it 


K2 Ciclostorica - Udine - Friuli Venezia Giulia; www.gsk2.it 

Strade Bianche di Romagna - Mordano (Bo) - Emilia Romagna; www.stradebianchediromagna.it


Bassa Romagna - Old stories of men and bicycles - Lugo (Ra) - Emilia Romagna; www.romagnadeste.it


Vacamora - Altopiano di Asiago (Vi) - Veneto; www.vacamora.it

La Carrareccia - Bolsena (Vt) - Lazio; www.trombadores-team.com

La Superba - Nervi (Ge) - Liguria; www.lasuperbavintage.it

La Panoramica – On the way of Alfredo Martini - Settimello (Fi) Toscana;  www.mcisettimello.it

L'impavida di Emilia - Guastalla (Re); www.impavida.info

La Classica Di Pinerolo - Pinerolo (To) - Piemonte; www.laclassicadipinerolo.com

White roads and “heroic” meetings