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Dolomites of Friuli? Discover 'em with an App

Sophisticated but easy to use, this App is a big help to organize excursions in the palm of your hand. In a country that is proud of its past but knows how to use technology to pamper the tourists.


Dolomites of Friuli? Discover 'em with an App
Excursions in Friuli Venezia Giulia

You can forget your old map at home. To start excursions in Friuli Venezia Giulia, you have only  to download from Apple Store (and soon also on Googleplay Store) the new version of “Dolomiti Sport”, a free App designed for sportsmen ,but especially for lovers of cycling and trekking .

With a simple and intuitive interface, it allows you to organize your trips but also displays information and pictures of the Friulian Dolomites, Pordenone Valleys , Piancavallo and the Magredi.

There are nearly fifty downloadable tracks, that are differentiated for fans of cycling, mountain biking or trekking.

The routes are mapped and are located on an interactive map. They show the length and the grade of difficulty and they describe almost 600 points of interest divided by type: eco-museums, culture, nature, churches, free time, where to eat, where to sleep, rest areas, bicycle mechanics and tourist offices.

To have a full day of fun , there is also the Bike Funk Park Piancavallo, that also has trails for beginners who want to try downhill biking, even on a normal mountain bike . There is an air mattress called Big Air Bag where you can safely practice jumping to learn the techniques of a fantastic discipline.

The most dynamic vacationers can also organize their own trips and, in the case of cyclists, they can use the application to schedule and record the route through a very sophisticated but simple system of internal gps navigation.

The itineraries are also classified by difficulty and the length of the ride. The system will calculate and shows – other paths located on the map – the elevation profile.

For every point of interest, an information sheet contains images, useful information and contacts such as web addresses and telephone numbers.

With this App it is much easier and nicer to discover a lot of different Friuli’s trails with various difficulties and distances suitable for tourists who like to bike or walk without rushing. You can enjoy views of amazing landscapes, ancient villages and beautiful food. In a land very proud of its past but also one knowing  how to use technology to pamper tourists.