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Paganella Dolomites Bike: the MTB's infinite spectacle

The mountain bike's world at Paganella Bike Park, in Trentino. Through outstanding Dolomites lanscapes, many services and infrastructures dedicated to the various disciplines of MTB

Marco Trabucchi

Paganella Dolomites Bike: the MTB's infinite spectacle

Mountain biking is passion, a real fever that is affecting more and more Italians.

It’s visible to everyone that the sports offer is changing in many Alpine resorts, at least in those that are care about active tourism’s new potential. Paganella Dolomites is among the leaders of this trend, thanks to the Paganella Dolomites Bike project.

The goal is only one: to create and coordinate a range of services and infrastructures dedicated to mountain biking in all its various disciplines. All this to guarantee the fun while riding, also thanks to the success of the natural landscape offered by the Brenta Dolomites, the Adige Valley and its Garda’s views.

Paganella Bike Area

The Paganella Bike Park, in the municipality of Fai, is now a well established reality, it can attract fans from all over Europe, with over 400 km of trails dedicated to the two wheels’ various disciplines and for all levels. Starting with the more experienced bikers for who Paganella Bike opens a world of great variety, ranging from downhill tracks and free ride, Enduro, trail, all-mountain and cross country.

The tours and itineraries are uneven and have variable lengths for all needs and they run exclusively through forest roads closed to traffic.

Even families can take advantage of the cycle paths or the "Family" paths more or less easy, including some more challenging proposal, to be faced perhaps with the help of an e-bike.

The Enduro and the All-Mountain’s paradise

Bikers who like to take long rides to explore the territory will find in the Bike Area an infinite playground. The single trails for All-Mountain and Enduro represent one of the widest sections of the project, with many routes - from a middle to a difficult level - lasting half a day or several days.

Do not miss the Garda - Dolomites Paganella’s Grand Tour, an exciting loop trip from the top of Paganella mount to Riva del Garda at the lake.

This offer is enriched thanks to the new Bear Trails Enduro track, an exciting experience through the Paganella’s best single trails: 59 km, with over 4,000 meters of descent and the use of 6 different lifts, touching all the villages in the region: Molveno, Andalo, Fai della Paganella, Cavedago and Spormaggiore. Right in Spormaggiore there is the chance to go through the Wildlife Park, in contact with wolves, lynxes, bears and other Alps’ animals.

Downhill and freeride

For full of adrenaline downhill’s fans the Paganella Bike Park is a ‘must’, with its four tracks, one of which is the entry level for beginners. From this year there is also the new Flow Trail "Peter Pan", a brand new path, totally made with parabolic curves, humps and hills.


Bike Pass

One card for 6 lifts, modulated according to individual needs, from half-day bike pass to whole day pass, for several days or even for the entire summer season.

Bike friendly hospitality

The rich corollary of services strictly related to sports has a leading role.

The mentioned Bike Pass joins in a hypothetical single district dedicated to cycling the facilities of Paganella 2001, White Valley, Paganella Bike Park and Molveno, with their bike friendly mountain refuges.

The rest is guaranteed by the rentals, shops and factories involved in the project, while the transport are organized by BiciBus or Bikeshuttle, designed for moving from a path to another.

To complete the bikers facilities’ high standard, there is the hospitality: several chalets and hotels offer a range of services aimed just to cycling enthusiasts, providing corners assistance and workshops, guarded "parking", special menus and much more.

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Days #SpiritofMTB

1-3 July 2016 - LIDO DI MOLVENO

Three days dedicated to the fantastic MTB world in all its facets. Moments of confrontation and discussion with also guided excursions, games, beach party on the shores of Lake Molveno, best producers’ bike test and free guided tours accompanied by the DPB Academy guides.

A time of open discussion about the MTB’s evolution with games, riding and prizes (play 'n ride), Trail-building sessions and camp (Kids and Pro).


INFO: http://www.dolomitipaganellabike.com/trentino/it/