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Ticino Park, nature’s paths

Vigevano is the starting point for bike tours, trekking or rafting. The goal? Getting lost in the green countryside, through bodiversity, history and culture


Ticino Park, nature’s paths

We are in Lombardy, in the municipality of Vigevano, the natural entrance of Ticino Regional Park. A real temple of flora and fauna, a destination sought after by those who desire contact with nature. There are many 'ways' to get to the heart of the Park, especially considering that to promote and diversify the use of the area, over the years have been realized numerous infrastructure: a network of paths reserved to pedestrians and cyclists and more than 50 itineraries, 800 km for hiking and mountain biking that arrive up to the most beautiful and wild corners of this territory.

Leaving the historic city center of Vigevano (defined "ideal city" by Leonardo Da Vinci)is enough to discover the farming area of the Park, a landscape full of rice fields, excellent point of herons sightings, and characteristics farms. Ideal for photographers.

Vigevano is the most important center of Lomellina, historical and geographical region of the Po Valley between the Sesia, the Po and the Ticino rivers and bordering Novara. Land of rice paddies, water works and castles, the city boasts many excellences. First of all: it represents an intact plain with a great artistic, wildlife and natural heritage.

From the nearby locality of Ronchi you can enter on foot in the Natural Park thanks to a path (it takes about an hour and a half), so you go through bio-diverse habitats: the mesophilic wood, clearings, some rushes and oxbow lake areas until you reach the wide sandy beaches overlooking the blue river. The trails that penetrate the park connect Vigevano to Pavia through a nature trail that is part of one of the nature reserve recognized by UNESCO as one of the most important and valuable in the world. Not surprisingly, the park is visited annually by more than 800 thousand people, attracted by the beauty but also by the ease of access (as well as being just a few kilometers from Milan). In addition to hiking and biking you can also canoeing or rafting.

On this trip, there is certainly space for history and culture. Near Vigevano, for example, there is the fraction Sforzesca, an ancient small village rich in history. The "Sforzesca Villa" consists of several monuments built in different historical periods. Its origin is related to the land donation by the municipality of Gambolò to Ludovico il Moro, extending the properties of the Sforza family. Around the ancient buildings stands "La Sforzesca Center Park", ideal starting point for hiking or cycling along the many paths that wind inside the Ticino Park through oaks, alders and hornbeams.

It is worth to make a stop at the Roggia Mora Eco-museum - Mora Bassa’s Mill: a mill dating back to 1400 around which hover interesting references to history and legends relating to Leonardo Da Vinci.

Cultural stops, in the many villages that sprang up around the castles and the medieval churches, can be cheered with gastronomic breaks in typical restaurants or in the many farms.



Pro Loco: www.iatprolocovigevano.it
Roggia Mora Eco-museum: www.lacittaideale.org