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Expo: the world wants Italy

The biggest Exhibition has been inaugurated. A new record for the number of States and visitors involved. The theme becomes one of the UN’s goals:' Feeding the Planet - Energy for life'

Pamela Pucci

Expo: the world wants Italy

The world is looking at us. Milan has inaugurated the Expo and it opened the doors to 20 million of visitors from all over the world.

Both pride and ideal motivation to launch the theme of this exhibition has never been absent: “Feeding the Planet - Energy for life”.

It is the biggest event dedicated to the nutrition, as a cultural richness of Italy and an emergency for poor people around the planet. The heritage of these six months of Expo - it will end the 31st October - will be the “Carta di Milano”, a kind of Kyoto Protocol for the food. It will be delivered to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as an act of commitment by governments for the Millennium Goals, the goals of the world for the next five years, to be determined next November.

Today Milan is a global spotlight for more than 140 Nations that show the best of their technology and their ‘knowledge’, not only to represent themselves to the public but also mainly to give a concrete response to ensure healthy, safe and sufficient food for peoples, respecting the earth.


All pavilions, until the 31st of October, are opened to visitors. There are pavilions of States who built their own space (they are 54); nine collective spaces (coffee, cocoa, arid zones, species, islands, bio-Mediterraneum Cluster, cereals and tubers, fruit and legumes, rice), in which are located 86 nations; areas with particular participants (like Caritas and ‘Save the Children’), and pavilions dedicated to theme areas.   

Visiting Expo, its exhibitions and taking part to initiatives means start a journey among architecture, history and excellences of the ‘Made in Italy’. It will make you be aware of the urgency of the theme: agriculture, sustainability, fight for hunger, food recycle. 

The schedule is full of events and the Web site shows all meetings, events, exhibitions and shows that will take part not only in Milan but also all over Italy.

The food is one of the ‘strong points’ of Italy. Indeed, during these 180 opening days, there will be the opportunity to do tastes and choose discovery proposals along the ‘Vie del Gusto’. The Expo event is very important and all the regions are ready to exploit the opportunity to attract visitors.


The most popular location, of course, is Milan. Since last year, it was the 13th most visited city of the world, but in 2015 it became the first one thanks to the Expo. During the Middle Age, it was one of the richest municipalities and one of the most spectacular Italian Courts of the Renaissance. About that, the Expo shows a sensational exhibition, famous to be the most complete one, who celebrates Leonardo da Vinci, who came from Florence to Milan searching a job.  

In addition to art treasures (the ‘Dome’ and the palaces), Milan needs to be visited also for the fashion districts and the new architectures, that changed the city skyline night and day, thanks to amazing places in which to have some drinks and listen good music.

Very close, there are the art and nature treasures of the province of Pavia, Lodi, Cremona and Mantova. All enthusiasts of the ‘green’ holiday can be immersed in the nature of Brianza and Valtellina, or visit the most celebrated Italian lakes such as those of Como, Lecco and Varese.

Very strong is also the lure of Piedmont for its geographic proximity to Expo: the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are already organized with shuttle services from and to Milan, to facilitate the trip and the active holiday for those who love discover, taste and do some sports by bike or on walk. Very important is also the lakes area: the ‘Maggiore lake’, with the Borromean Islands, is a very common destination not only for its beauty but also for the opportunity to do sport activities.

At one hour from Milan, there is also the region of Liguria that, with its ‘Cinque Terre National Park’ inspires great emotions and gives the opportunity to visit wonderful paths by bike or on walk.

In addition, a bit more distant from Milan, the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia is another very beautiful area: don’t miss the charming city of Trieste and, going through the provinces of Gorizia, Udine and Pordenone, the alpine peaks that offer holidays in altitude full of beauty and fun both during winter and summer time.  

North of Italy is also full of amazing ‘taste cities’ and ‘art-cultural cities’ - such as Bologna or Parma - and is proud of its ‘Vie dei Sapori’ (Taste streets) that allow you to do tours in the nature discovering the best Food&Wine traditions.


From North to South, every region of Italy created proposals and events to attract those who want to explore Italy in addition to visit Expo. From food to cycling, from trekking to slow holidays for families with children.

Many different ways to visit Italy that you can find visiting our website or the Expo website, booking facilities or even tourist guides.

You have time until the 31st of October to visit the Great Expo in Milan, that celebrates the best of our history, knowledge and our present…giving great hope to the future.