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This young and dynamic tour operator was born in 2014, with strong ideas and projects. Many proposals and only one rule: always customize the tour, just for the travveller

Pamela Pucci


A name that is a style of travelling and the flag of the "beat" adventure, chased by stray, free and romantic generations.

"On the Road travel", Mantua tour operator, pays homage to Jack Kerouac, the traveler-writer who changed with the same name book the course of young Americans and Europeans in search of a new way of life and moving across borders.

No borders even for Antonella Saccani who in 2014 bet on bringing others on vacation, driven by her passion for travelling. On the road, therefore, thinking of Kerouac and the "great things" that happen along the way. So many ideas, one rule: customize any type of itinerary, a trip designed just for the customer.

Antonella explains: "I work with another passionate traveler, Chiara, and although we are just two, we can respond to any request, which goes from the organization of a tour discovering Mantova to simple tourist information, as the opening time of an exhibition or booking a hotel”.


Proposals ranging from tourism for people with disabilities to sustainable one, from food and wine travels to active vacations, cruises and pilgrimages. There is so much for a young company like yours ...

We like to convey the love of travel in all its meaning: the desire for novelty and the desire to escape, the voyage of discovery, even of themselves, to the solidarity tourism. We launch unusual destinations and classic destinations but experienced from different angles or during special events.

We offer tours for people with disabilities because everyone must realize their travel desires. And we like to establish a relationship of continuous exchange with our customers, to share experiences and proposals, as happens between friends. In a word, everyone has "his" journey, "his" road and we are with them, from the beginning until after the tour, because we propose to all to join our traveler club: a way to exchange impressions, emotions and memories. And then travel again.

Nowadays you need entrepreneurial spirit and ideas more than ever ...

Yes, because of the lack of networking and promotion, especially to the foreign market, by administrations and national institutions. We are still stuck in the mentality of “looking at his own backyard” without being able to go beyond, creating synergies, to invest more and thus work more. In short, we still do not understand that in tourism, if you come together, there is more work for everyone. We collide with a provincial mentality, and we lose a lot of potential linked to Italy’s richness and beauty.

How are you conquering your own space?

Participating in the project "UnPoxExpo" as partners in the provinces of Mantua, Parma, Modena, Cremona and Ferrara. This is to enhance the journey along the ‘Great River’ Po with packages that can attract customers using the call of the Milan Expo, among culture, history, quality, taste, safety, specialty and architecture.

Then we participate in the transnational project of Eurovelo 8 route, that of the Mediterranean, which goes from Cadiz in Andalucía to Cyprus. We have identified five pathways that we offer to our bicycle enthusiasts’ clients.

Finally, we are putting together a group of touristic and environmental guides, those that so far have worked with us, but were not part of an association yet. This is our contribution to the networking, to be more competitive and expand our market, challenging the biggest “fishes”.


How do you reach your customers? Do you have more foreign or Italian customers?

We participate in fairs and we use the Internet channels. Foreigners are way ahead of us. They study online the destinations, the proposals, the paths and also for this reason they are more autonomous. Especially the Germans regard cycling. But if they are looking for something special, original and a tour with more emotions or comfort, then they come to us.

Customize the journey is our style and the strength of our proposals. We often propose cooking master classes, practical demonstrations of traditional recipes. Food and wine is our great wealth, like art and culture, and for this we are working on designed proposals, in collaboration with Confagricoltura. In 2017 the eastern Lombardy will be the European region of gastronomy: a very important chance for the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua and a large international showcase to present our excellence and propose many travel ideas, especially dynamic. Don’t forget that those who make movement then have a healthy appetite and they desire to eat well. Here, the journey will continue at the table for the culinary pleasure and to continue to learn about our traditions. In food there is also our history as well as our skills. And now the good food is one of the compasses that guide to the destinations’ choice.

Your cycling offer for the moment is related to the territory of Mantua. There will be any news for 2016?

Yes, because we started from what we knew better and now we are ready to expand the offer. We are studying new traveling tour, biking, between Mantua and Lake Garda, travels with new attractions, also remaining in the city, hiking in Tuscany and proposals for sailing enthusiasts. As always, there won’t be pre-defined packages but suggestions and ideas to realize together with our customers, to design their ideal holiday.

After all, this is your strength: the customized trip ...

Yes and we like to emphasize it. It is part of the "on the road" spirit. Together, on the road, as friends!