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A silent Puglia, amid natural parks and Mediterranean flavors. Vacanzattiva! tells you about the Puia Emotion touristic proposals, where sport meets nature and traditions

Marcello Maccaferri

Puia Emotion

Discover a more intimate Puglia, enjoy its nature and flavors, learn about the beauty of a "slow" holiday. This is the philosophy of Puia Emotion, a Salentine tour operator dedicated to active holiday, which offers outdoor experiences to live in one of the most fascinating Italian places.

Alfredo Pagliarulo, founder and technical director of Puia Emotion, explains us his 'experiential idea ' about Puglia. To know on foot, by bike or on a sailboat. In the silence of unique landscapes.


Pagliarulo, is Puia Emotion a young tour operator?

We were born three years ago. In 2012, after a short experience doing incoming in the region of Marche, I decided, together with a group of friends coming from different sectors, to create Puia Emotion and to do active holidays in Puglia.

What is the core of your project?

Puia Emotion is a tour operator focused on outdoor holidays in which sports activities meet nature and traditions. We want to show to travelers a new kind of “unrushed” holiday, on walk, by bike or by boat, discovering all beauties of our land. We suggest outdoor itineraries, away from the mass tourism: paths in which to enjoy the beauty of a landscape surrounded by the silence, colors and heady scents of the Mediterranean bush. 

Therefore, is it an “experiential” holiday?

Exactly. We select destinations which are perfect to offer this kind of holiday: real “trips” among olive trees, old towns, vineyards and wine cellars, ancient roads, country trails and manor farms; all of it to learn more about the authentic and deep essence of our territory.     

To whom do you point your attention?

Our target market is the Italian one. All activities are suitable both to families and to groups of friends, in particular for those who love to do trekking or tours by bike inside natural parks.

Puglia, ‘mon amour’. Is it appropriate to say?

Our destinations are exclusively inside Puglia, in its most famous areas such as: Salento, Valle d’Itria, Daunia and Gargano. It is our land and we want to value it as much as we can…

Also because this region is very famous for its nature and culture.

Yes, a lot. It is not a coincidence that we are specialized in excursions more than one day long inside regional parks, which are a richness of our territory. We decided to match these tours with the tasting of our local products and cooking workshops.



What tourists have to expect when they choose one of your itineraries?

It is an experience inspired to the ‘Slow Life’: to know, explore and appreciate every wonderful thing that the nature offers. In addition, the quality of the product is very important: our tours always have an introductive briefing that allows participants to preview know the territory, to be able to understand its ‘soul’ while walking and observing, together with specialized tourist guides.

There are also excursions by bike and by sailboat?

Those who have passion for the bicycle will not be disappointed. Our experiences allow all bikers to discover the territory and its wonderful landscapes, but also to do some tastings between a bike ride and another. Then, there is our crystalline sea, to sail until reaching the Greece...      

Is there also the opportunity to participate at sports competitions?

In Puglia there are many competitions for bikers. Puia Emotion, since three years, organizes some mountain bike events: in particular, the ‘Marathon del Salento - Trofeo del Parchi Naturali’, which is an event that, also this year, had thousands participants and obtained a great success.

There will be new proposes for the new year?

We have four kinds of holiday: the first one is perfect for young people, with the summer camps of ‘Gioca-Sport-Natura’, the second one is about cultural and sports activities for adults, the third one has spectacular tours (also called ‘I Viaggi con l’Autore’), and the forth one are stays in the countryside, seaside and in the city, in various housing solutions (apartments, manor farms, historical dwellings, villas, houses in old city centers) to match with different workshops (papier-mache, traditional cooking), excursions by bike, on walk and by boat.

Any itineraries to suggest?

I suggest three itineraries, all beautiful and suitable to everyone: the “Salento Trek Tour”, in which is possible to visit three different regional parks, the “Salento Trekking Coast to Coast” and the “Trek&Cooking Daunia”, discovering all beauties of the Western Puglia.