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Two Wheels in the Wind

Our trip discovering the Tour Operators of Vacanzattiva! continues: today we are in Piedmont with “Due Ruote Nel Vento”, that since 15 years gives great emotions to all bike enthusiasts

Two Wheels in the Wind

More than 300 itineraries all over the world, thousand contacts and a great desire to grow. We are talking about the Italian Tour Operator “Due Ruote Nel Vento” (Two Wheels in the Wind) which is specialized in bike trips (but not only).

After fifteen years of activity, the aim of the creator of Due Ruote Nel Vento, Antenore Vicari, is always the same: to offer variable itineraries for every kind of experience. From the young married couple to the group of elderly people over 80. Indeed, to tell us the story of this adventure is the same Vicari: once engaged in the welding industry and now a lover of the bicycle and its job.


Vicari, how this adventure was born?

In the early eighties, I started to do holidays by bike with my wife: before in Italy, and then in Europe, bringing my luggage with me. My first trip by bike was in Sardinia. It was hard to go there by car because we had to book much earlier, and after a first holiday doing hitchhiking, we have made a second one by bike. Then, every year another adventure.

In 1993, I entered in the Fiab of Turin having been president for three years, and today I am still a nationwide volunteer. Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to know foreign realities who organized trips, and in 2000, because of the crisis, I left my job in the welding industry. Luckily, I got another assignment from the City of Turin for the Bicycles Office, and from there I started to organize trips by bike.  

Who chose the name “Due Ruote Nel Vento”? And how did you grow so much?

My wife has chosen the name but the brand it’s my idea. We grew because after the first group and individual trips organized abroad, we started to organize trips also in Italy. Meanwhile, also our region, the Piedmont, started to be less industrialized and more touristic thanks to the Winter Olympic Games of 2006, so in this way we started to create more ‘local’ offers.  


How enthusiasts of active holidays come to you?

Since the beginning, in 2000, we always had both a paper catalogue and a website but we also pointed to a national and international market. Our agency is located in Turin, in Corso Tassoni, but it is possible to consult our catalogue staying at home simply on our website ‘dueruotenelvento.com’. Our catalogue counts more than 300 trips in 30 European Countries…For this reason we cooperate with many foreign and Italian tour operators and there is a continuous exchange of clients.

Why do you prefer bicycle? What does it mean for you?

I was born in Mantova and in that city, the bike has always been the most used means of transport. I learned to use it when I was young and to me it was only a game, but then, when I was 25 I restarted to go by bike: going at work by car became very expensive…Now I use the bicycle every day, for work and for fun.    

Which itineraries are the most exiting?

Let’s start from Italy. For enthusiasts of wine and food there is the ‘Piemonte Goloso’ (Tasty Piedmont) itinerary, among specialties of Bra and Alba and wines of Langhe such as Barolo and Barbaresco. Families really like the ‘Castelli e Parchi del Piemonte’ (Piedmont castles and parks) itinerary. Then there are all tours of Eurovelo, until arriving in Sicily.

And what about the Europe?

Abroad, for example, I suggest group trips like the Berlin-Copenhagen and the Paris-London. Moreover, in France, very interesting are the Camargue tour and the ‘Gitani festival’. We propose several individual trips by bike such as ‘Chateaux of the Loire’, the ‘Danube river’, the ‘Provence’, the ‘Romantische Strasse’. Another exciting itinerary, to do before this Country changes, is the 14 days trip in Cuba.     


Are your proposals oriented to expert cyclists?

Our proposals are suitable to everyone, groups of friends, single people and families. We thought about itineraries perfect to young and old people. We have costumers of 80 and more years old!

There is also a ‘honeymoon’ section.

Yes, because doing a honeymoon by bike can be a wonderful experience. I also did it! Friends and relatives can contribute at the trip’s cost through our website.

Active holidays: what is the best way to launch this kind of tourism in Italy?

Since few years, the active tourism is launching on its own. Unfortunately, local and national administration still don't understand the great tourist and economic potentiality of the holiday by bike, trekking, holidays with canoe and by horse-riding. Abroad, in Countries like Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, have been created national cycle paths, while in Italy this mentality is struggling to grow, even if in the North something is moving among people.

We have to promote it more in other Countries to make them know what is already accessible in complete safety. For that reason, we need a ‘national direction’ here in Italy.     

What do you like about your job?

I love to create new cycle routes and build my future alone. In addition, it is beautiful when people tell me “thanks to exist”.



Due Ruote nel Vento: http://www.dueruotenelvento.com