• The Great War

Asiago Plateau: along heroes paths

This corner of paradise for mountain bike and trekking enthusiasts celebrates the Great War Centenary, with holidays through the nature and the bloodiest history. Here you will never get bored...


Asiago Plateau: along heroes paths

Discovering on one side the pages of the bloodiest history, on the other side the memory and the shiny green of the nature.

It is a discovering trip, to do by bike or on walk, which goes along the ‘Asiago Plateau’, in the Vicentine Alps, at the border with Trentino Alto Adige.

A little paradise to all mountain bike and trekking enthusiasts, at one thousand meters of altitude. The roads are very quiet and they offer any kind of itineraries; the cycle paths are perfect to families with kids and several are the paths for the off-road lovers.

In fact, this territory bears the scar of the Great War, like the incredible lowering of some peaks because of the cannon shots.

Everywhere you can see forts, trenches, emplacements, observation posts and the 600 kilometers of dirt roads still in perfect conditions: indeed, in wintertime they are perfect to practice Nordic skiing and walks with snowshoes, during the summer to practice mountain bike and trekking.

All the trees that today shade the tourists have been planted at the end of the Great War: the forest is young and surround it by grazing lands, blooming valleys, alpine farms, bovines, forts and trenches. With the project “Ecomuseo della Guerra”, forts and trenches have been restored and now they can be visited thanks to a European loan of 6 million of euro. 


With the celebration of the Centenary of the conflict, the Region of Veneto has launched events and projects to promote a “green” and historical tourism; that is why, in this region, the memory of the Great War is deep-seated inside the territory and inside the people mind.

The aim, which has been conducted by the Regional Committee of Veneto for the celebrations of the Great War, is to make the tourism that is relative to military facts an instrument of memory’s evolution.

Vacationers are already very interested to this project, which is the reason why they increasingly want to match the journey to the discovery of historical places.

In particular, on the ‘Plateau of Sette Comuni’, the battle took place from the first to the last day. From the beginning - the night between the 23 and 24 of May 1915 - to the surrender of Austrians the 3 of November 1918, this corner of Veneto has never seen a day of peace. 

The most part of Italy Army went through its peaks: from the infantrymen of Sardinia, Piedmont and Liguria, to ‘Bersaglieri’, assault infantrymen, ‘Autieri’, ‘Alpini’ and gunners.

Therefore, there is no path that appears trivial or obvious; indeed, here the nature is different from every other alpine area of Italy as well as the history, that has forever marked these places.


Waiting for the celebrations, the plateau shows some great tours along paths equipped with detailed descriptions, indications about the level of difficulty and difference in height, pictures, curiosities and useful informations.

In addition to the history, there are also itineraries that go through ‘malghe’ (alpine farms) and little villages.

However, if you decide to visit this place, you cannot forget the Asiago cheese, the most popular in the world (more that Parmesan!). Everyone knows about this kind of cheese, but only if tasted can fully expresses its fragrance, the scents of herbs and wild flowers.    

The Asiago Plateau boasts of a great exportation of this cheese that arrives in the best restaurants of Tokyo and New York.

And with the appetite caused by a day spent on a mountain bike or with snowshoes on foot, you could not wait to take a break and taste this wonderful local product.