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Valle del Chiese for ski mountaineers

A schedule full of meetings, perfect for lovers of the new snow, safe itineraries for everybody and spectacular peaks in this corner of Trentino.

Sauro Scagliarini

Valle del Chiese for ski mountaineers
Safe and controlled itineraries on the new snow

Enthusiasts of ski mountaineering can find in Valle del Chiese excellent opportunities to leave the ski slope to venture, also uphill, in the new snow. And for those who are fit and well-equipped, in this corner of Trentino - close to the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park - is possible to reach amazing landscapes and then descend to the valley in the new snow.  

During the ascent you can fully live the magic of the mountain during the winter, admiring step by step every detail. Coming up to the top, you can see the peak of Monte Cengledino and Cima Pìssola, which are all suggested areas for the ski mountaineering beginners. And then there are other perfect locations for this activity such as: Cima Tombea, Passo delle Marmotte, Monte Giugga until Passo di Breguzzo, Cima Re di Castello, Porte di Danerba, Monte Fruffione in Valleaperta and Alpe di Faserno, starting point of the famous “Giro dell’Orizzonte”, an excursion with an unforgettable view.

The fascination and the emotion to move in the undefiled snow and find yourself in the perfect silence of the mountains can’t be explained in words. But doing this kind of sport doesn't mean losing the good sense: do not underestimate the dangers that snow can hides. The ski mountaineering needs the right equipment (survival kit and avalanche transceiver), a vast knowledge (understand information provided by avalanche bulletins, be able to assess soils and slopes) adequate physical preparation and a bit of caution.

A perfect opportunity to do safe excursions on easy itineraries comes from all meetings organized by Cai Sat sections (Italian Alpine Club), committees and associations of the Valle del Chiese. The majority of these non-competitive meetings are opened both to ski mountaineers and excursionists with ski poles. The itineraries are always supervised and monitored during the event. In addition, along the itineraries and at the arrival there are some restaurants. For those who don’t have the avalanche transceiver, organizers make available (paying 2 euro for the rent) some “Life Bip” transmitters, which are compatible with every kind of avalanche transceiver.

One of the most popular meeting is the "Boniprati Ski Adventure", scheduled on Sunday 18th of January on the traditional trail of Boniprati (malga Campello – cima Pìssola – malga Table – Boniprati). Next Sunday, the 25th of January, will be held the "Raduno Tonolo" (Tonolo rally) close to the town of Riccomassimo (at 3 km from Londrone) on the trail of prati Tonolo (malga Capre – Dosso Cavallare – capanna del Bal – malga Val Bona – goletto Val Bona – prati Tonolo).

At the end, Sunday the 8th of February, there will be the 15th edition of "Raduno Malga Giugga Capel dei Fioc", starting in Roncone. 




Safe and controlled itineraries on the new snow