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Christmas atmosphere in Friuli

Among Christmas markets, great traditions and snowy villages, Carnia has a calendar full of events and excursions, ski holidays on the Dolomites and special prices


Christmas atmosphere in Friuli
A fabulous Christmas on the snow of the Dolomites of Friuli

If you are looking for an amazing Christmas, just think about a snowy village among the mountains, with the aroma of Mulled Wine and roast chestnuts, voices and music of a craft market. Where? For example on the Dolomites of Friuli, which exhibit popular traditions, for a trip that connects history, fun and family atmospheres.


To have an idea, there are two small villages, Poffabro and Andreis, which celebrate the Christmas Tree and the nativity scene with the participation of all their citizens.

About sixty fir-trees decorated with original ornaments, handmade, illuminate Andreis (fabulous village in the heart of the Parco delle Dolomiti Friulane) until the 6th on January.

For months all citizens have been working together to create these decorations, with natural products coming from the mountain (wood, moss, pine cones, stones), recycled materials or wool, paper, cloth. All raw and poor materials that, with creativity and fun, changed in unusual and creative decorations.

During the night, all fir-trees illuminate a suggestive itinerary that brings every visitors along lanes, courtyards and houses made with stone and wood. A tour that makes you go back in time to live the original traditions. (info:www.comune.andreis.pn.it/).

Indeed, until the 18th of January, a lot of nativity scenes will transform Poffabro, one of the “most beautiful villages of Italy”, in a fabulous outdoor museum. They are made by artists and enthusiasts of popular traditions, families and associations of the village. There are classic statues made with porcelain, gypsum and wood, and some more creative made with glass and cloths or copper and wool. There are also nativity scenes made with chocolate and sweets, others that reproduce the life in this mountain village, with squares, streets and houses. Everything among Christmas songs and candles, that every year enchant thousands of visitors.  (info: www.comune.frisanco.pn.it/).

Another important event is the “Magia di un borgo antico” (The magician of an ancient village) in Polcenigo until the 6th of January: the village will be animated with more than 100 artistic and collectors’ nativity scenes. (http://www.prolocopolcenigo.com/).

A “Rassegna di presepi” (nativity scenes) is held in Toppo di Travesio and the village of Barci organizes an animated Christmas Market, with many stands on a street and on the lakefront (http://www.barcis.fvg.it/).

The calendar is full of events also in Aviano and Piancavallo in which they celebrate the Christmas with fun torchlight processions on the ski.

In Sutrio - a woodworkers village - you can admire a lot of nativity scenes in the courtyards of the most ancient and beautiful houses and along the main streets of the town, in a kind of sacred trail surrounded by big Christmas trees, made with recycled wood.

The exposed nativity scenes aren’t made only by Sutrio’s woodworkers, they are also made by woodworkers from other villages of Carnia, other Italian regions (such as Alto Adige) and foreign States (such as Slovenia, Carinthia, Germany…).

You can’t miss the Presepio di Teno - the nativity scene of Teno - which is a work of art made in 30 years by Gaudenzio Straulino (1905-1988), master craftsman of Sutrio. It reproduces customs and traditions of the village, animated with mechanical gears.

Very specials are also the stay proposals: for example, with 220 euro you can get a package of three nights in a hotel in double room, with half board, a tasting tour at the “Alto But” cheese factory to taste cheeses and smoked ricotta and guided tours and excursions.

And if you want to live fully the Christmas atmosphere, these is also a stay proposal in Borgo Soandri, which is a hotel with studio flats (well furnished), made from the renovation of houses of the village (the price is 159 euro for three nights in double room with breakfast and dinner).

For a traditional and…affordable Christmas.




A fabulous Christmas on the snow of the Dolomites of Friuli