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Telemark, the best events of the year

The "Scufoneda" of Moena and the "Skieda" of Livigno. The best opportunities to try the ancient technique of the “free heel”. Having fun among races and…comic strips!


Telemark, the best events of the year

It’s another way to do skiing, an ancient technique that became popular again in the last few years. The Telemark, born in Norway at the half of the nineteenth century, takes advantage of the “free heel”, giving to enthusiasts an elegant freedom among the snowy peaks. 

And for those who like this winter sport, there are two fun and classic events to don’t miss.


The first one is the Scufoneda, scheduled every year in the town of Moena, spending a happy week among ability tests, ski races and daily tours. In addition, there is also the show of those who participate wearing traditional dresses, living the past in a modern way.

The Scufoneda, become now a foundation, has been launched for the first time by the “Scufons de Cogo”, a group of Telemarker from Moena that brought back to life this ancient ski technique.

Today, after 17 editions, the kermesse attracted enthusiast of the “free heel”, Italian and several foreign people.

To everyone, the appointment in Moena is from the 11th to the 15th of March, with a schedule of secondary events such as: the night torchlight in San Pellegrino Pass, the excursion of ski mountaineering along World War I alpine trails and the courses of the Teleboys (free lessons to boys and girls from 10 to 17 years old).


The second event of Telemark is the Skieda of Livigno. For its 21st edition it promoted a great news: this year the edition will be dedicated to the Comics, with the Comics Telemark Contest.

Together with the traditional schedule, there will be a secondary program dedicated to the Flok and Floka characters, and to some historical comic strips that accompanied the childhood of many of us.

Starting from Sunday 22nd of March: close to “Carosello 3000” structure will take place the “Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner”, the technical pursuit race on a descent path. 

The competition consists in a couple of Telemakes who challenge acting as the two Warner Bros’ characters: Wile E. Coyote will have to pull out the feather’s tail of its prey Road Runner before the end of the descent.

Each race will eliminate a competitor and the event will end with the last two competitors left; Will Wile E. Coyote finally beat the mocking Road Runner?

During the night, in Plaza Placheda there will be a special dinner, organized by the “Gruppo Cuochi e Pasticceri di Livigno” (chefs and pastry chefs from Livigno). The menu is inspired by the local tradition of Livigno and the “poor” cooking of the early ‘900, using ingredients and tastes from the past that risked to be lost: buckwheat and corn flour, turnips, boiled meat, “Potol”, potatoes, apples, zabaione of Livigno “Rosumeda”, “Ciurlo”….

And then, Monday 23rd of March at the Passo d’Eira will take place the “Snoopy Day”, a timed and couple race with all Telemarkers dressed like Snoopy and Linus, friends for one day. Also the dog basket of Snoopy and the famous blanket of Linus are part of the scenic design.

On Tuesday 24th of March, in Vellaccia, will take part the team competition of tug of war called “Asterix e Obelix”.


All Telemarkers who are registered at the “Comics Telemark Contest” will have to realize a comic strip story, with a maximum number of five cartoons about the theme of “Flok e Floka e La Skieda 2015”, being inspired by the characters that have been realized by the Scuola Internazionale del Fumetto di Brescia (International School of Comics in the city of Brescia)

All works will be judged by the organizing committee of “La Skieda”, and the winners will be celebrated during the Recycling dinner, that will takes place on Friday 27th of March in Plaza Placheda.

For seven days the Skieda will bring colours and creativity to all Telemarkers who will become kids again on the snow of Livigno.