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I.TA.CÀ: the trip homeward

The festival of 'Migrants and Travelers' is coming back, to develop the sustainable tourism. Trekking, cycling, river paths, to discover Emilia Romagna and Trentino. Itineraries at zero impact

I.TA.CÀ: the trip homeward

There is a festival in Italy focused on the discovery of beauties, the knowledge of the territory and the growth of the same traveler. Yes, because this time we are also talking about travelers, and not only about tourists. Indeed, “IT.A.CÀ Migranti e Viaggiatori” is the first Italian festival dedicated to the responsible tourism. This year it will be the VII edition and, as always, it will start with Emilia Romagna, from the 22nd of May to the 2nd of June, and then Trentino, from the 1st to the 7th of June.

The title already shows the theme of the event. Indeed, the phrase ît a cà’ comes from the ancient dialect of Bologna and it means, “are you at home?” and from the name of the famous Greek island, which in the literature is the emblem of “return at the homeland”.  

The goal of this manifestation is the responsible rediscover of the territory, because, as organizers say: “often we don’t need to go far to discover unexplored beauties. Now more than ever, responsible tourism does not only mean safeguard the environment but it also means have an eye for the economy: of our State, making people discover less-known places, and of the new Ulysses, that prefer clean, free and economic means of transport”. 

This VII edition is getting bigger, the number of cities involved in Emilia Romagna has redoubled (Bologna, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara, Rimini, Ravenna and Forlì) and it comes out from the regional borders touching the Trentino. We only have to observe some itineraries to understand the aim of the festival: rediscover the beauty that surrounds us with an ecologic and ethical point of view.


In Bologna, for example, there will be the opportunity to go through the ‘vie delle mele’ in the Monteveglio Regional Park in Monte San Pietro: two days of tastes, music, meetings, markets on the Apennine of Bologna to know the contribution of beekeepers to the earth (by Azienda Agricola “Casa Vallona”, in cooperation with CAI Bologna Ovest).

The “Il parco in tutti i sensi” night walking is very original, a night path for blind and sighted people to live the nature inside the Parco della Chiusa – ex Talon (by La Girobussola & e.ventopaesaggio).

Instead, enthusiasts of history will have the opportunity to participate to a trekking three days long to follow the traces of the Gothic Line, through paths between the pristine and rugged valley of the Dardagna and the gentle one of Belvedere (by Associazione “Appennino Trekking” & Hotel Fondaccio).

From this year you will be able to test “La via del Tortello - Il bello e il buono da Trento a Bologna”, a path that joins Trento and Bologna on the saddle of a bike, on a train or on a boat on the Garda Lake. A journey along the ‘vie d’acqua’, going through three regions at zero impact, discovering the local traditions of wine and food – from bier to homemade pasta – and the beauty of UNESCO’s sites (by Salvaiciclisti Bologna).


In Reggio Emilia, geo-explorations among hills and the landscape of the recovery until the Po river, and then a new touristic route, three days long, that starts from Bologna, runs along the Crostolo creek and brings us until the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park. 

Then, itineraries by train along the Reggio-Ciano railway (the first cooperative railway) and trekking on the back of a mule. Very suggestive is also the “Tra i due passi” path: a trekking along the crest that joins Emilia and Tuscany to turn the gaze to Alps and the Tirreno sea.


In Parma, there are green itineraries, weekend by bike to discover river parks among ancient castles and eco-tastes, trails for nordic walking, trekking with mules, cinematographic projections about the responsible trip, workshops with children and a meeting about the theme of green marketing to promote the responsible tourism.

In Ravenna, the festival will be organized between hills and sea. Events of river trekking (the “VogaLonga” of the 24th of May with Trail Romagna), the presentation of the “Carta dell’Ospitalità Consapevole – Per la Romagna che fa bene”, located at the Ecomuseo delle Erbe Palustri, a “Pedaleda con magneda longa”, in cooperation with “Terre del Lamone”, and the “Premio Turismo Responsabile” close to Faenza.

In Rimini, there is an urban treasure hunt and there is a particular attention for itineraries in the old city center and in the backcountry of the coastline, both beautiful but not well known.


Instead, in Trentino have been organized excursions in the natural parks of 'Adamello-Brenta' and 'Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino'. In addition, there is the opportunity to do trekking with mules along paths of the Great War and an itinerary three days long, with stay in mountain hut, by horseback between Trentino and Alto Adige.