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Monti Dauni, history and flavours

Discovering the ancient lands of Dauni has never been so easy. By bike, on walk or by horseback along paths of the transhumance and the most beautiful villages of Italy


Monti Dauni, history and flavours

On the borders among Puglia, Basilicata and Campania you can find the Monti Dauni - named after the ancient Dauni population -  a mountain range of southern Italy surrounded by valleys and paths. It is the perfect place for all enthusiasts of the nature of Puglia, in the province of Foggia, discovering every village located at the slopes of these mountains. A trip possible by bike, on walk or by horseback.

One of the most famous places is Biccari, a peaceful village of Byzantine origin, just a few kilometers from Foggia. From there you can start to discover a S.C.I. area, that means ‘Site of Community Importance’ and that includes also the Lake of Pescara. Starting from here, you have the opportunity to do hiking and arrive, after only a kilometer, at the equipped area of Vado di Tufo.

The ‘Percorso Frassati’ (Frassati Path) joins the center of Biccari with the Monte Cornacchia (1152 meters above the mean sea level), which is the highest peak of Puglia. From there you can admire a unique view such as Gargano, Tavoliere, Irpina and Maiella.

It is also important to know that the visibility of the paths changes depending on the weather. Summer and spring are perfect seasons to follow the traces of the ancient history of Monti Dauni. And if you are an enthusiast of the history, you must visit Roseto Valfortore, a wonderful village with only 1300 inhabitants: it is member of the association “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, and it is also famous all over the world for its black and white truffle.


If you like to practice trekking, the nature itinerary that goes from Roseto to the source ‘Abbeveratoio Antinozzi’ can be perfect for you. It is 10 kilometers long and it goes through the ancient watermill that today shows the old relation between people and natural elements.

In addition, there is another relation that still today joins people with their land: the religion. In the village of Alberona, ancient jewel in the province of Foggia (here the most important building of the village, Torre del Priore, was owned by Templars), starts a path to do by horseback that brings to the ancient Santuario della Madonna della Serritella. The horse riding lasts about 5 hours and it allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape offered by Valle del Torrente Sesola that brings to the small church of Serritella in which today is guarded the holy wooden statue of Virgin Mary.


Instead, by mountain bike you can go along the ancient paths of the transhumance such as Faeto (a small town where is recognized the Franco-Provençal linguistic minority) in which starts the cycle-path that arrives in Orsara di Puglia.

This itinerary is one of the most suggestive of Monti Dauni: from one side there is the Tavoliere, from the other side there is the Apennine.

Orsara di Puglia is a village that offers a beautiful landscape made with stone roads and churches, but also the opportunity to taste a great number of traditional dishes offered by local restaurants, such as beans from the southern Monti Dauni and the prosciutto produced and seasoned in Faeto.