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On walk among the vineyards

The tradition of vineyard and wine, the art and the landscape. Discovering one of the most charming walking paths of Valtellina, among vineyards, historic buildings and ancient archaeological sites

Marcello Maccaferri

On walk among the vineyards
The taste of tradition

Via dei Terrazzamenti (terraces way) is one of the most beautiful walking paths of Bassa and Media Valtellina. 70 km of trails, from Morbegno to Tirano, between the typicality of the agricultural landscape of Valtellina. It is characterized by terraces of vineyards, historical and artistic, civil and religious buildings of great value and loads of symbolic value. Everything is surrounded by a beautiful mountain view.

The path takes the name from the long lines of vineyard (south-facing) that you meet along the way. The lines of vineyards are obtained changing the very steep and rocky side of the mountain with stone walls. In this area the terraces take a scenic, agricultural and historical value. Immediately noticeable as soon as you enter in Valtellina.

The history of this valley is linked to grape growing and wine production. It is easy to grow thanks also to an excellent microclimate. Just look towards the mountains covered by vineyards to be sure.

But this is not the only wealth that can be found in Valtellina: in the cultural heritage there are also some churches – often large – hosting interesting works of art, but also prehistoric sites, rural wineries, farms and ancient villages.

Via dei Terrazzamenti doesn’t have extreme gradients – it crosses the Lower and Middle Valley, at an altitude between 300 and 700 meters – and it is therefore viable both by bike and on walk, also from large families or people with different abilities.

Also,  along the route were made several rest areas, located in the most beautiful places, offering services and information on the historical and artistic heritages of merit in the immediate vicinities.

The Cultural District of Valtellina promoted a recovery project and for the safety of the whole Via dei Terrazzamenti.  It is still work in progress, but the Via in its entirety will be open soon to the public.

Most of the route is already accessible: the first 30 Km, from Berbenno to Chiuro have already been opened and a second section to Morbegno will be completed by the end of the year. In order to see the entire Via dei Terrazzamenti, however, we will have to wait until next spring, when it will reach the finish line in Tirano.








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- 17/09/2014 17:57

Preservare la terra alta con le antiche colture è meglio delle devastazioni moderne dello sciatore