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Healthy like the Nordic Walking

Walking fast with the help of special sticks. In town, mountain, on the sand and on the seaside. Each environment can be the right place for a healthy and fun practice suitable for all


Healthy like the Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking, a healthy and fun practice

Everyone know that walking is healthy. And walk fast is healthier. The Nordic Walking fans know it, sport activity that is becoming more and more popular among lovers of outdoor. 

The Nordic Walking or Pole Walking is essentially a fast walk done with the help of practical sticks, specially designed and quite similar to those used in skiing but shorter.

The use of walking sticks makes it more effective - especially on steep and off road terrains - both in terms of balance and body involvement during the action,  and it is very healthy. From a study carried out by the Cooper Institute in Dallas it was found that with the Nordic Walking there is an increase of up to 46% in consumption of energy compared to walking without sticks, with a forced involvement of the muscles that produces effects beyond what is achievable with a normal walk at the same pace.

In fact, the force application on sticks at each step involves the use of the entire body (with more intensity) and determines the involvement of muscle groups of the chest, lats, triceps , biceps , shoulders, abs and spinal. Almost absent in the usual walks.

Unlike trekking poles, Nordic Walking sticks are provided with removable rubber inserts for use on hard surfaces and metal for more "complicated" terrains such as sand, snow and ice. The majority of the sticks are made with lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber, and they have handles with special laces on which focuses the thrust of the arms.

The benefit of Nordic walking is that you can do it on any kind of terrain, enabling even to beginners of walking to have fun, play slow sports and being in company.

Nordic Walking, a healthy and fun practice