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Molokini: snorkeling on your kayak!

The transparent kayak made in polycarbonate allows you to paddle while admiring the underwater life. Starting with a price about 2.000 Euro, it has one or two seats and it's lightweight and strong. You can also rent it


Molokini: snorkeling on your kayak!
The first kayak to admire the seabed

There are accessories and exclusive models that are whims of nabobs lovers of sport. Also if they cost like a car, some people have no problems to pay for pamper and show off himself. And then there are products that even going over the average price they are quite affordable, without sacrificing originality and spectacular technique .

Is the case of the Molokini, the transparent kayak that becomes like a window of the sea. In other words, people can paddle and admire the sea bottom together, like snorkeling but without get wet.

This unique hull made ​​of transparent polycarbonate by Clear Blue Hawaii Corporate has been tested in the island of Oahu in Hawaii (it takes its name from the island of Molokini) and allows you to admire the underwater world without snorkel or oxygen tanks.

Visibility can reach 75 meters deep in optimal conditions, with a sunny day and the sea with no waves. How much does it cost? The price for the model with one seat starts from € 2000.

It’s 3,35 meters long and the weight is 15 kg, is also has a support structure in aluminum. It only need a little maintenance which is a rinsed with fresh water after use. It can host up to two people (maximum weight 230 kg) and the seats for the passengers can be stick to the aluminum frame.

That's not all. Polycarbonate is a material difficult to scratch and in this way the transparent surface remains intact even if the kayaker hits the rocks, runs aground on a shallow beach or beached in a bad way because of a big wave.

You can also remove the frame, to minimize the size during the transport.

Who tried it (you can also sent it) explain that paddle in the Molokini is a really particular experience. The hull of the kayak is just below the surface of the water; from the glass-bottomed, in crystal waters, we observe the underwater world as if we are wearing a big diving mask.

It’s ideal to explore the sea bottoms without have the hair wet!