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Y-40, the abyss in the pool

It’s the deepest pool in the world with its 40 meters filled with thermal water. You can find it in Veneto, in Abano Montegrotto, close to Padova. In October will start the courses held by apnea record holders.

Pamela Pucci

Y-40, the abyss in the pool
In Veneto, a unique destination for divers

Down and down, dreaming the blue record. In a well of thermal water 40 meters deep. Here is easy to learn the more complicated diving, because the visibility is always perfect and the seasons disappear.

The Y-40, the deepest pool in the world, made in Italy in Montegrotto Terme, just a few kilometers from Padova.

The new record in the book of Guinness, replaced the Belgian Nemo33 diving pool, which has a total volume of 2300 cubic meters of water and 34.5 meters deep.

Marco Mardollo, founder with Umberto Pelizzari of Apnea Academy and responsible diver of the structure inaugurated last summer, explains why Montegrotto Terme won easily: «In other places so much water would be too expensive. The 50% of the budget of a swimming pool goes away in heating». In Montegrotto Terme this is not a problem because there are hot springs and the water comes out at 87 degrees; we only have to add the right amount of cold water and we get 34 degrees constantly. And of course, no diving suit to wear, which is the best for divers that pass from the changing room to the pool without cover themselves.

It’s an Emanuele Boaretto’s idea, entrepreneur and owner with his family of the Millepini Hotel, which is connected to Y-40. Boaretto is also architect and president of the Association Thermal Hoteliers Abano Montegrotto and he projected a unique structure, a masterpiece of engineering and architecture which can be admired from the outside, through windows on the sides of the pool and from the panoramic tunnel that crosses it.

There are 100 input points in the water and 65 sensors for measuring pressure, temperature, level and chemical composition. A spectacular and revolutionary solution to bring a new audience at the spa in Veneto, where passion for diving is common.

The main pool is 10 meters deep, it measure 20 meters and in one the sides has a smaller pool with a diameter of 6 meters that goes 40 meters deep.

The structure of Montegrotto Terme is already been chosen from the international foundation Divers Alert Network Europe as seat for the operational research with tests of hyperbaric and diving medicine to detect possible difficulties of those who are diving. However, the possibilities are endless and they ranging from teaching in the night to submerged art exhibitions. 

That’s not all. This great structure in the middle of the Regional Park of Colli Euganei is a new frontier in the culture of acceptance, as pointed out Bernabò Bocca, President of Federalberghi Italia.

It opens new doors in the global market of tourism.

It’s a unique destination for divers, free divers, international rescue teams who want to try depths impossible to find in other facilities.

As explains also Angela Stoppato, President of the Consortium Euganean hot springs, «in the global tourism market, Y-40 is a unique competitive advantage for the Thermae Abano Montegrotto. We are talking about a new conjugation of the most modern sport, combined to our millennial conception of spa. Although this is a work of a business hotel , was designed with foresight, in order to pull the whole economy of the territory , bringing to the forefront of world tourist showcase».

Featured all year: the structure was inaugurated this year and is open 365 days, for a blue dream that doesn’t know seasons. With scuba diving and free diving courses, patents of creative and technical diving, aqua fitness, Watsu and Hydro-kinesis.

And then the stages: from the 17th to the 19th of October will be held the lessons of monofin of Ilaria Molinari (champion of deep diving) and Marco Mardollo, with stage + all inclusive packages in hotel at 429 euro. From Sunday 7th to Monday 8th of December (package of 539 euro), the world champion of deep diving Umberto Pelizzari will lead “The Deep Joy. He will lead a stage of apnea for beginners and experts in the thermal water of Y-40.



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