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Sailing… since more than one century

The "Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia" celebrates 125 years old. Located in Naples, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious sailing and rowing schools of Italy

Marcello Maccaferri

Sailing… since more than one century
Regattas from 1889 until now

The Circolo del Remo e della Vela Italia (CRV Italia) is the oldest and most prestigious yacht club of Naples. And today, 20th of November 2014, it celebrates its 125 years of history, since 1889. Now the association, with its “red and blue” colors, has become the datum point of the southern sail.

In the historical seat, located in the small port of Santa Lucia in Naples, everyone is celebrating. The CRV Italia is the third oldest yacht club of Italy (the first one is in Genova, dated 1879).

Its story is glorious and successful, since when it was still called Canottieri Italia (Rowers Italy) and its main activity was the “oar”. The win of the first Italian championship of rowing, in 1896, was the beginning of a long series of successes for them in this sport. It’s not a coincidence that several athletes which have grown among Rowers, have been called and inserted in Federal Crews and they competed and won prizes in International, European, World and Olympic regattas.    

Is important to say that in 1913 the sailing school was opened and from the second half of the thirties the level became very high. In 1946 the Canottieri Italia joined the Circolo Partenopeo della Vela, getting the current name and becoming stronger in the sail sector. The success in this sector became bigger and bigger in the fifties and sixties, until the conquer of the Olympic bronze medal in Mexico City, thanks to the team of Franco Cavallo and Camillo Gargano.

The schools of sailing and rowing of CRV Italia are still a national datum point. Here are often organized world events such as the Lysistrata Trophy, one of the oldest rowing trophies of Europe, and the first one in Italy.  

To value its history, the association decided to bring together its first 125 years through documents and pictures, located inside the Historical Archive. It is all about original drawings, posters, pieces of newspapers and magazines, postcards and programs of events…Starting from 1889 until the seventies. Everything can be consulted also online.





Regattas from 1889 until now